"Video Comp Cards for Agency Talent"
Nomadic Creative

Nomcre has perfected the process to transform your entire model portfolio into booking success with cinematic highlight reels shot to showcase every individual you represent.  These short branded cinema quality films increase your model's visibility while ensuring your status as an industry leader. 





In a single day of shooting we produce a dazzling compilations highlighting between 10 and 20 of your agency's models. These engaging cinematic films help agents to choose your talent over your competition.  Building your video library is a critical next step in moving your agency forward in a changing industry. 


The Nomcre Way is a custom, tested process that ensures your models get hired on the energy, talent and poise that you have trained them for. Branded, on budget, and in your own style, Nomcre produces socially sharable content giving your booking team the assets and advantage they need. 

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